Curiously Fun Facts...

This page is a collection of tips and hints that I have picked up along the way and want to pass on. Most of these are included at one point or another in my blog, but I'm sure that I will forget them if I don't write them down.
If you have any tips, please let me know and we'll watch the list grow together.

When buying indoor plants, always choose the plant with the most buds, but not flowers. The plant will go into shock when you bring it into a new environment and the flowers will not last long. However, the buds will bloom and last much longer. Also do not transplant for approximately a month or the plant will be shocked even more.

   Egg shells all year at the base of the plant will not only prevent slugs from feasting, but also provide calcium to the plant. This will prevent tomato blossom end rot.
   If you let the first ripe tomato rot instead of picking it, it puts off spores that tell the other tomatoes to ripen faster. You may not have the first tomato of the season, but there will be more.

    If you water sporadically, they taste hotter. Even watering makes them milder.

    When pruning, always prune back to a stem that has 5 leaves.
    When planting use this dirt mix "the perfect mix" (to give an extra boost, I always add some Bayer Rose and Plant Care - good stuff when applied judiciously and properly!
    To get a free rose, follow these steps.
        1) Cut 10" canes from the plant you wish to clone
        2) Apply a root growth hormone such as rootone
        3) Dig a trench in the yard where it will get sunlight and fill with 1/4 peat moss and 1/2 perelite.
        4) Insert rose canes and watch them grow!
          note: I did this in the spring because my master gardening mother recommended it, however I have heard that master gardener Cisco recommends winter when the rose has stopped growing. You will need to heat the area to keep it from freezing if you try this in the winter. 4 out of 15 on the first batch worked. I'm hoping for better success next year.

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