Friday, November 25, 2011

Some of the Benefits of Rose Hips...

Rose Hips

As most of us know, when a flower is dying it looks ugly and the time has come for us to do the plant and, aesthetically speaking, the world a favor. We "deadhead." This sends a message to the plant, "keep producing or else..." However, and the warm weather comes to an end it is time for roses to go dormant. Therefore we curb our bloodthirsty instincts and let the petals fall and the blooms rot. At this point though, wonderful thing happens after this that we would have missed. Rose Hips! 
They are really healthy and to some, delicious. I'm not saying you'll quit chocolate in favor of these treats, but you should give them a try. I've heard you can eat them plain, but enjoy the tea version. There is also the adventuresome ones who try jam, soup, hand lotion and much, much more. 
So next time you are ready to go about murdering dead flower left and right, like the phoenix good things can rise from the ashes.

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