Saturday, March 17, 2012

the best kind of customers...

Have you ever walked into a nursery or greenhouse and asked for a specific type of plant, say a "Camellia Sasanqua", and asked the young lady or gentleman there if they had any. Then they look confused as if this is a new plant that must have just came out and they should know of it, but don't. Next, they get into a large pow wow, which grows and grows until almost everyone is there, and discuss what the customer has asked for. (shooting furtive glances over their shoulders at you which makes you feel like the only human on the planet of the apes) Then the slightly older, wiser lady or gentleman who was heading up the committee comes over and says you wanted a "Camellia Sasanqua"? You say, "Yes, I saw it in a magazine and it looks really nice. I may be mispronouncing it, but I think I got it right." Then you show them the picture and the name and he or she pauses... with a stifled smile, nay a stifled laugh, and he or she says, "Oh, you mean the Camelia Sasanqua. (by throwing the accent on the right part of the word, and not stumbling through the many letters, it actually sounds like a word) "Yes", you (or by now you may have figured out who this really is) say. "That's it!"
Then they lead you by the hand telling you all of the things nice about it (which you read before, but not wanting to appear more of a donkey than you already have, you say oh, and isn't that nice). The hefty price tag paid, (we all know that beauty doesn't come cheap) you walk out. As the doors close they all start making fun, "did you hear how he pronounced that?" "Camellia Sasanqua foresooth!" 
This is why I think I make one of the best customers. Not only do I pay for the merchandise, I also provide lots of comic relief on a dull, rainy, slushy, and rather crumby day.

Well besides all that fun, on this shopping trip I also bought a larger daphne. (the last one I bought at a master gardeners sale and it grew 4" the first year and has taken the last two years off of blooming and growing). There was also a 59 cent sale for primroses, so we bought 20 more. They are becoming a nice little border on our front bed. 
Later, at Costco, we purchased these planters that are made of good recycled things but should last about 4 life times and only cost $16! Good stuff!
Being as it was raining, windy, and off and on snow, I didn't do much planting, but we'll get there soon!

Crocus' are bringing a little light into this cloudy day.

It's a... well a daphne. 

The smell of it is divine!

The radishes are just peeping out, hopefully they don't think it's too cold.

This radish is from the winter sowing, it might be saying the ground is cold or hard. I'm not sure, but I think I'll pick it soon.

The indoor sowing is coming along nicely! (left to right: onions, asparagus, lettuce, broccoli, and green onions)

One of the new planter pots with a Lilac

Here is the much spoken of Camelia Sasanqua

The camelia in back is stepping high, wide, and lofty!
These two petite bi color buddellia arrived (we ordered them in Dec.) They aren't much now, but will be in a few years.


  1. lovely purchases and I'm in envy of your indoor seed starting set up! So much space to!! Cheers, Jenni

  2. There are so many plants I hate to ask about because I have no idea of how to pronounce the name. I guess I'm afraid they'll make fun of me too. You've got some great new plants. A great indoor set up too! I'm with you on it being too cold to plant outside. I don't mind working in the garden in January and being cold, but not in March.

  3. Love the story. How many times could we all tell the same story. Do you still have the variegated daphne in the back yard? It was on the side where your bedroom is.