Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend harvest...

This was an interesting weekend. Saturday was 85 degrees here, and Sunday was 64. I am not complaining as I feel that every 85 degree day is a good day, but a 20 degree drop in one day? The weather man did predict it, so he can feel good about himself and we'll all put on our long johns. 
But, this is a garden blog, not  a weather blog. So on to the gardening. Some of our crops are winding down, and others are just chugging along. Most of our neighbors, and a few strangers who ran out of gas in front of our house, have sampled the delights of our garden. It is time to be like educated, high-tech squirrels and start preparing for winter. (canning, pickling, and freezing) 
I picked what was ripe (lucy picked what could have been ripe in the future) and we loaded up the wheel barrow. The first ingredient of all recipes should be to pour yourself a glass of wine. White on a hot day, say 75 and up. Red on a cooler day like today. I had a bottle of Cab Sauvignon open, so I stuck with that. However, if you are looking for a good pairing, I think that freezing/canning would pair better with a vintaged Pinot Nior. 
I am going to relate the fun of freezing here, but if anyone would like the recipe, I will be glad to post them. I feel that most of you reading this probably know far more than I do in that area and have better recipes. In my one defense, I did not create any of these, I only stole them or was given them by older and wiser heads. 
First we cut and froze bell peppers for future use. (One didn't quite make it to the bag, but was dipped in ranch and was eaten) 
Next we cut the corn off the cob and added sugar, salt, and water and made some freezer corn which will be a bit like frozen corn you buy - except this will be far more delicious and wholesome. 
Last we cut and oven dried cherry tomatoes. 
We also planned the demise of potatoes (grate up and freeze for hash browns) and of the summer squash and cucumbers (we will use a recipe provided by my mother and another blogger for pickling).
The wine didn't last the entire time, so it had to be refilled, but 2 hours is a long time.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and I'll post the pickling fun we will have soon.
ps. a small note to anyone following a recipe... if you 1/2 the recipe, 1/2 everything in the recipe. If you forget and use the full amount of one ingredient it won't turn out right. just a hint. 

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  1. "Lucy picked what could have been ripe in the future" Ha ha. She's quite the helper. And yes, the first step in every recipe is to pour a glass of white or red, depending on the weather. What an abundant pantry will be in your freezer.