Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Late winter sowing...

This is a slightly belated post, however, not as belated as my winter sowing. Early in January (most years anyway) I decide all of the annuals I'd like to have, then plant them in my tins with the plastic lids. (mini greenhouses). Then over the next few months the cold weather breaks down the seed exterior and and warm days come, they sprout - baring the dogs, wind, or other natural disasters. 
However, this year was different as I didn't plan or plant them. So now its not quite early January, but we did our seeding. 
Lucy and Helen understand a little more how to plant seeds. I have explained how seeds grow better on dirt than on the concrete, and how too much water will wash the seeds away, but I don't think that I'm a good explainer because the concept hasn't gotten through quite yet. We haven't progressed to spreading the seeds out so they don't grow in the same spot, but maybe next year.
We set them to the north side of our house which will protect them from the wind and harsh weather, but they'll still get the rain and some sun. I'll move them into the open as they begin to sprout. 
This year I am starting Cosmos x 2, sunflowers, butterfly weed, nasturtium, bachelor buttons, coriopsis, and a few others. I have started alyssum the last few years, but had really good success last year just direct sowing them in the planters. I think I'll just do that this year. I also bought some forget me not seeds that I'll direct sow in a container as well. 
Last of all I planted some sweet peas along the ugly chainlink fence that separates our garden from the neighbors yard. The area is so relaxing, peaceful and calming, but the fence shows the harsh reality of modern times still wants to intrude upon our simple life. I think this will help soften it's affect! 
If you are interested in the ins and outs of winter sowing, Catherine @ a gardener in progress is the mastermind that got me started, her posts will give you the idea much better than my ramblings, so toddle on over there and look up old posts and you'll get the idea!
One last note, the Northwest garden show is happening in seattle next week! I missed it last year, but should be there next Saturday. It runs from Wed-Sun, but us poor working folks must make money during the week so we can afford to go. I hope you'll be able to make it if your schedule allows!


  1. Aw they look like they enjoyed themselves so very much!!!

    Starting seeds, yes that should be happening by now shouldn't it. For some reason I am always late anymore. Someone should fix that.

    1. Yes, someone should make an app or something to remind us of all the things we've forgotten! ;)

  2. I love the pictures--maybe that's you explaining to them how seeds grow better in soil than on concrete. Anyway, it's obvious they love being with Daddy.

  3. How adorable! I love that they are planting the seeds, and got a kick out of you explaining they grow better in soil instead of concrete. :) Good luck with your seeds!

    1. They sure make all of it more fun. Thanks, I'll take all of the luck I can get!