Sunday, April 14, 2013

A concatenation of circumstance...

If you've read much Jeeves and Wooster by P G Wodehouse (Pelham to friends) would put it, “there was – what’s the word I want, Jeeves? Something to do with circumstances. Cats enter into it, I seem to remember. Concatenation, that’s right. You’re a marvel, Jeeves – a concatenation of circumstances.” 
Friday morning, my wife found a cat in our car. No, not in the driver seat or strapped into the child booster seat, but in the engine. We are still not sure how it got there as the hood was down and the way up from the bottom seemed unclimbable. To top it off, our car needed to go to the dealership to get the alternator replaced, which had seemed to want early retirement - the alternator, not the dealership. Not wanting to cook the cat with a long drive on a hot engine and the cat on it's side not wanting to come out and meet the gang; we were at a stalemate. The only thing to do was to call a tow truck and have them take it in and maybe the nice technicians at the dealership would be able to sweet talk him out. As luck would have it, the cat decided to come out of its own volition as soon as the car was hooked up to the tow truck and about to drive off.........yes, this is true. painfully true. The kind of story you read about and think "those hollywood producers are getting desperate to try to pawn this off on their public!" Well, there is only one thing to do. Go work in the garden.

Despite our friday episode, Saturday turned out to be an ideal day for gardening. There were lots of hail and rain showers, with spots of sun to trick the gardener into coming outside, they raining on the parade. To liven things up we bought a bunch of annuals to fill our hanging baskets and a few spots in the fragrance garden.

Our columnar apple trees are in bloom

The bleeding heart and tulips don't seem to be damped by the weather!

We bought and planted, lets hope not too early, wall flowers and heliotrope.

Here is our first rose bud! We hope for many, many more to come, but the first beautiful rose is on its way!

This is a hanging basket from Costco. Not bad for $20. 

This is (i hope) going to be a hummingbird planter. I bought it from american meadows. It contains some of this and that all of which is supposed to be beautiful, colorful, and maybe cure cancer. Ok not the cancer part, but I'm going to watch it grow to see if it was worth the investment.

Here is the clematis for the back arbor. I planted them on Sunday and now we get to watch them and the yellow rose climb, bloom and make our back pathway a happier, brighter place

This is one of the 3 hanging baskets I did. We packet in the petunias pretty tight and added a few misc trailing plants to help the show!

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