Saturday, June 15, 2013

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!

So the 15th has rolled around again and this time I was ready. If one were to see me walking out the door this  morning with coffee and camera in hand, one might have noted my keen tense look - like a hunter on the trail of some especially elusive hippopotamus. Fortunately for me and hippopotami in general, I was not stalking those stalwart beasts. No, I was looking to capture the glory and beauty in one of the mildest springs we've had in quite a while. Below are a few of those that were ready for their  moment of fame. Hope you enjoy and have a pleasant, peaceful weekend!


  1. Not a hippo to be found. You do have some gorgeous Roses though. Thanks for sharing all the lovely things blooming in your garden on this June GBBD.

  2. Pretty blooms. Love the purples in that first photo. And your produce looks amazing!! Very impressive, and I like the row of marigolds planted with your veggies. Your roses are beautiful. That white one is just perfection.