Sunday, July 21, 2013

A lesson in geography and lots to eat...

Every once in a while, you - well probably not you - but I start to think I know a good bit about the local area. I know where seattle is and even how to pronounce Sequim. (its more like squim) Then along comes some joker and says "Lets all go up to Lummi Island." I start checking for new moon bases but no, that would be called Luni Island. Not to hold you in suspense too long, for on these glorious gardening days I can tell you are anxious to get out there and look, love and linger over those wonderful plants of yours, I will tell you. It is a littlish island about 20-30 minutes away from Bellingham. Coming from Tacoma where I live, it is about 3-4 hours depending on when you drive.
My brother and his wife and my sister and her husband all went there and rented one of the most interesting cabins I've ever come across.
It was built along the lines of a hobbit hole, the shoe the old woman slept in and the winter retreat in the swiss alps. It doesn't seem like they could all fit into the same house, but somehow it was contrived. The house was built on a steep embankment so it sort of grew out of the hill. There were lots of little curving steps that led past the garage, past the hot tub (which was heated by building a fire in a fireplace in the hottub then stir the water well), the onto a porch that was actually the roof of the garage. The 1st level was the kitchen and sitting/tv/hidabed/dining room. then you traveled up the next narrow staircase and met with the two bedrooms which seemed to grow out of the mishapen body of the house like the giants two heads of well... of a two headed giant. On the plus side, it was warm and the sun rose on our side of the hose so the bedroom and kitchen and porch our looked out into the murky depths of the ocean and the sunrise.
What does this have to do with gardening, well, not much. There were lots of plants there, but as the owner wasn't too into them, they weren't too into making it a place of sweetness and light.
We stayed there over night and then went to Seattle to muck about. It being the Bite of Seattle, the mobs of people attracted us like flies to honey. If you've ever been to the Seattle Center then you probably saw the large fountain in the middle. It was about 80 degrees so all of our kids loved running bravely into the middle, then seeing that someone had turned on the water run straight back. We did get a few surprise showers from the fountain but it being such a nice day it didn't matter. There were also hundreds of food stall, millions of people, and live bands; so it was an enjoyable day. Like all good (and fortunately bad) things, it must end so we came home and everyone went to bed early and slept long. If you get a chance to visit the mob scene it is fun as long as you enjoy masses of humanity and masses of food.
I know, alas this has little to do with gardening as well. So now I would tell you about the garden, but it seems to be calling me. Not to be in suspense too long, for on this glorious gardening day I am anxious to get out there and look, love and linger over those wonderful plants!

from the front porch of the house

the ferry dock on Lummi Island

Watching the fountains.

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