Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Long overdue post...

Oh, my beloved public, yes, you. You who check for the latest tips, tricks, and gossip from the blogoshpere's finest minds - that of the gardener - and have accidentally found this one; this post is for you. It contains no tips, a small amount of trickery, and lots of gossip straight from the stable. You might even call it straight from the horse's mouth. 
We, few, we happy few can join together in a harvest celebration. As the football loving fans get ready to veg out in front of their TVs Monday, Thursday, and Sunday; we can veg out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and yes, even Sunday. Now is the time for all good harvesters to come to the aid of the garden and claim their well deserved rewards. Tomatoes abound, squash shouts to be picked, corn waves its willowy tassels in hopes and hungry gardener may choose him for tonights dinner. The picture below are a few things we enjoyed at our humble table. There is nothing like fresh from the garden. All the Walmart commercials and organic stickers won't change me. I grow and eat my own and it tastes better. It may be the invested blood, sweat and tears or perhaps the absolute lack of pesticides, herbicides, chlorine washes and the like. Whatever the reason, go out there in your garden and enjoy the best - and if you don't have anything this year, come on over and I'll let you sponge off of me! What is a cucumber or two between best pals.

I also was able to finish moving the 10 yards of bark dust. Here are some "after" shots so that you see what a nice bed it is right now. Within a few rains, I'm sure that the weeds will wake from their sun induced slumber and then we'll be working hard to keep it presentable. Until then "viola!" What a beaut!

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  1. Love fresh veggies, but your ornamental garden is special. I really appreciate the elements you have added.