Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Weekend Fun...

With the weather forecasters predicting a 47-55 degree day on Saturday, I think that there were probably a lot of high hopes (besides mine that is). It was a slow, cloudy start, but after our usual weekend grocery shopping trip it cleared up and made us all think that spring may not have forgotten us.
Lucy and I took a walk through the neighborhood. It was nice to see that most of the usual suspects of spring are now starting to show their beauty. (There is a short video of our ramble at the end of this post)

This was a big weekend though because according to the schedule we mapped out over the winter using all of the best scientific methods, calculators and almanacs it was time to transplant all of our early starts (broccoli, asparagus, lettuce, and onions) into the raised beds. It seems too cold still, but I was getting nervous as most of the plants had roots trying to explore the outside air of the dirt blocks. Also Broccoli has a tap root that if you hurt it, it will never flower which happens to be semi-essential for those wonderful, tasty treats it provides.

Also, a bit ahead of schedule, but since it was so nice, I built the frames for the vertical crops - tomatoes, summer squash and cucumbers. I had seen either in a magazine or possibly square foot gardening, or maybe it was one of Eliot Coleman's books (yes, I have a bad memory) a really nice frame for the vines to grown up. I started trying to make them, but as usually happens, it didn't go quite as smoothly as I thought it would. However the final product (no I am not going to give a good laugh by showing them) is strong and will support the vines well. When they are something to look at and covered with vines and vegetables, I'll post picture then. I may even be the envy of the blogosphere!

And, knowing how fickle the weather is around here, I even tested out my makeshift hoop house in case spring decides to be winter again. I have some plastic from hoop house not currently in use in the back yard, and I'm going to fill a 5 gallon bucket with warm water. I'll place the bucket under the plastic to keep everybody warm, and "Viola!" and those people who pretend like they speak french say, no winter frost in spring will kill my little starts!


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  1. That Lucy is one blessed and lucky girl to spend so much time with her Daddy! Btw, I heard she helped you with the asparagus--picked off all the tops and put them in a pile for you. :[