Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New creations and stolen ideas...

Here are a few easy ideas if you (or your husband) are slightly clever at wood working and want to keep a few dollars in the wallet to buy more plants. If you would like more specific directions I would be happy to help, just let me know. 

This is a Corner trellis. The store had an nice rounded curve, but I didn't want to spend lots of time and it wouldn't have looked nice either. The plant (I used a honeysuckle and a hardy jasmine) goes in the raised bed and climbs the trellis. 

1) Cut base boards to equal lengths (I used 1.5') Screw the pieces together to make a solid base. 
2) Screw 1X1 Corner brace onto base. 
3) Mount trellis pieces to base at bottom and onto 1 X 1 on side for support.

Project #2

This is a vertical planter. I saw it in either a magazine or website, I can't remember, but it is easy to make.
1) cut pvc into 4' length. I ran a 1/2 down the middle so that water will get to the entire planter. 
2) cut 1 1/2" holes at equal lengths in pvc. 
3) mount pvc to base using a toilet mount. 
4) add dirt and plants!

4" PVC 4' long. 1/2" PVC 4' long. 

Lucy is a big helper!

One more idea if you have too many wine bottles!

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