Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another gardener...

This has been a wild memorable weekend. It was a well planned adventure that didn't go according to plan, but was much better. On Friday, I was able to get off work early so that my wife and I could go to Portland, Oregon for a little holiday. We left our two girls, Lucy and Helen, with grandma and grandpa. There are three wineries in that area (Shea vineyard, Domaine Serene, and Eyrie) which I enjoy drinking the products thereof and we were going to visit and purchase a bit of this and that. 
We made it there alright and went out to dinner with some friends who live in Portland. (if you go there are want some really good, delicious and expensive food, check out DOC) I have no idea which area of Portland it is in, but as we weren't doing the driving it didn't matter. Joey Harrington (if you are a football fan you'll know who that is) happened to be there eating two tables away. It wasn't the kind of place you run up to celebrities and drool on them asking for autographs and pictures, so I didn't make the usual fool of myself and don't have anything to show. (you'll just have to believe me)
Saturday was the planned kickoff for the royal run around of all of the wineries. It started out nice, we slept in and no one came pattering into our room to wake us up early. We ate breakfast (eggs, bacon, hash browns, and toast accompanied with orange juice and coffee if you were wondering) and we deciding what to do before noon when all our plans changed. My wife informed me we were going to have a baby instead!
Hurried calls to the hospital about what to do (drive back to Tacoma or wait it out) and quick packing, checking out, getting the car... then going back to the room to get the forgotten cellphone led to being at Tacoma General in plenty of time. At 11:23pm Paul Benjamin Phares was born. He is our third little urchin and looked quite gargoylesque - as (in my opinion) all newly hatched children do. He will probably grow into his features and turn out to be a handsome brute (like his father), but if not he is still a keeper. 
The Lord has blessed us tremendously and now you can all be glad to know another gardener has entered this world to "go forth and subdue the earth" plucking asunder weeds and thorns and growing lots of good stuff (like artichokes and roses). 
Below are few pictures of the girls meeting their new brother. Helen enjoyed saying "bonk" and hitting him on the head and laughing. Lucy was a bit skeptical when first introduced, but warmed up and now enjoys holding him as long as he doesn't move or cry. 
Well, you probably also want to know how does the garden grow, but I am not too sure yet. I am hoping everything will be OK under martial law for a week or so while we adjust to this new part of our wonderful life.


  1. Congratulations! What a great description of your eventful weekend. And the pictures are beautiful.

  2. Aww.. congratulations!! He even looks like he's smiling in the first picture! What an eventful weekend!

  3. Great pictures. WE are all excited for your family. The girls look delighted! Love you guys.