Sunday, December 9, 2012


About this time of year, the bird feeders are usually full of water which makes them no good for bird or man. The seed gets slimy and compacted and with that comes mold and grossness. 
However, this year I bought two of the finch feeders that only have the side ports and the water doesn't fill the lower basin causing wreck, ruin, and other havoc. (i'm probably explaining this poorly, but don't worry - I understand it completely!) Also to help explain, just look at the pictures below and you'll see the new feeders. 
All of this is good news because now we get to watch the birds eat their breakfast while we eat ours and they get food and that makes for a win-win situation. 
Below are a few pictures from this weekend's breakfast.

Also, I am beginning the construction of our expanded garden for next year. I dug the area up and put plastic down on Sunday. Now when I get time I'll construct the raised beds out of the old split rails from the fence we just took out. Then we'll fill them with good dirt and spread gravel around the beds. I should have more time for this over the christmas weekend, but will be slowly working on it when I get time between now and then. I'll post pictures as I go. 

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