Saturday, February 23, 2013

Northwest Garden Show...

Gardens Galore! Delightful Daffodils! Tasteful Tulips! Frightful Forsythia! Colorful Crocus'! I know that is enough of that awful alliteration! Lets get down and dirty. No more persiflage, we want cold hard facts.
The Northwest flower and garden show started last wednesday, but due to pomp and circumstances - well mostly the circumstance called working - we didn't make it until today. I have learn from past experiences that you must have a master plan before going. If you go in hodge podge taking what may come, you, well I, end up buying more than I want to and getting home wondering where I'm going to put these flowers. I made a short 10 page list of the plants I want, then checked it with a list of places that needed new plants (this list was blank) and decided that I'd only buy what I thought was a good deal and I would complement what we have already.
Lucy, Helen and Paul were troopers. They enjoyed the show and the children's area. There was pretty much anything you could imagine a gardener could want from seeds to a long pole made for picking apples. Most of these things my great grandpa would have scoffed at and said something like "new fangled inventions that make it harder" or perhaps "if they can't get your money one way, they'll invent another." I am not my great grandpa so I was amused at all the little things I didn't know I needed. As not a single one was "to die for" I came home without the invaluables.
There was also a section of "display" gardens. I liked it as it gave lots of ideas. Each had their own theme and were very creative. Sadly the entire area was very dark so picture taking was not very feasible. Some were not very practical  but I think that is a bit of the fun - this could never work in a normal garden, but I sure looks nice doesn't it!
My wife's sister and her husband came so we made quite the little gaggle wadding through the mass of humanity 4 adults 3 strollers and and 7 kids 5 and under! I hope you made it to the show and if you didn't, only 361 days left!

So, like Cisco once said, "What does it take to make a gardener? He's killed lots of plants!" (or something like that) So get out there, get your hands dirty and let the slaughter - or learning begin!


  1. Hello Hobbit House! What a fun display :) These shows are such fun and full of inspiration. It's a nice way to get the gardening juices going. Cheers, Jenni

  2. Thanks for the summary of the show...I'm ready to get my hands dirty. I like your persiflage.

  3. Oh I've slaughtered lots of plants.

    We thought about going to the show but stayed home and made pizza in our pjs instead!
    The concert pillar reminds me, my son brought me home 3 core holes - mini cement pillars that are now yard art. lol everyone always asks why I've got them in the garden. DUH!