Tuesday, June 25, 2013

...and in the gardeners dreamy eyes, danced the color of a thousand fire flies...

...and in the gardeners dreamy eyes, danced the color of a thousand fire flies...

a bit of a misquote, but I couldn't find the exact poem and I think it was a child's eye as most people don't write poetry about gardeners eyes; however all of that aside it seemed to fit. The world it alight with the color of a thousand flowers right now. Well I can't speak for everyone of course - the North Pole for example and perhaps parts of Iceland and Greenland may still be under feet of glacial ice. Here on our little homestead, however, things are happening. 

Here is the front corner bed. I can't take credit for this unless the credit of purchasing it. The landscaper designed this little nook. The shasta daisies on the left are about to bloom and the astilbe it waving its featherlike tendrils hither and yon. The japanese maple needs more time to spread out but the colors all do their duty well.

Here is the front of our house from the driveway. we are still choosing house color (no we aren't going to always have random patches of color) The climbing rose is done with the first installment but usually gets going again here in July if it isn't too hot. Everything else is helping to make up for it though.

The garden is giving of its goodness as well. These are the first of the peas, then is a large beet. They are the Merlin beets which are ready a little earlier than the rest. The one pictured is about 2". If you happen to by Lucy (3 years old) you take a gander at that one and say, "that one is big, dada." (you of course drop your voice to a lower register (probably like all giants do) and drag out the iiiii.) The bush beans are just about ready and a stray nasturtium decided to pop in for a visit.

Here the blue berries are almost ready and the raspberries are ripe for the pickin'

Last but not least our butterfly bushes are all almost blooming. They seem to be waiting for the sun to come out so that they'll look their best, but it may be out for the weekend so we'll keep watching them.

This rose also looked nice and no post is perfect these days without a rose or too. As Emeril used to say (or perhaps still does) You gotta have smellavision to enjoy this! These smell purdy nice, but as you can't tell, you'll just have to imagine purdy nice and that is how these smell.


  1. Beautiful rose! Where did you get the astilbe? Its a great color!

    1. It was provided by the landscaper, but if you are looking for exact names, I can look them up. Astilbe does die back in the winter, so instead of looking like a skeleton of former beauty, it is just not there. They are perennials though, so come back year after year looking better and brighter.

  2. All the flowers are so beautiful! I must say, I like the red color for your house the best, but then I am a little biased.. ;)
    I love eating fruit and veggies right out of the garden. It's so great for the kids to be involved, too! I volunteered at a community farm this summer, so even though I am without my own garden, I still get lots of fresh veggies!