Monday, October 31, 2011

In addition...

So one advantage I have is that my Mom is a master gardener and lived in this area for many years, so she knows quite a bit about what works and what doesn't in our climate. I have asked her to help with this blog whenever she gets time and so she'll be checking now and again to keep me from getting things mixed up and deceiving the public :-)

I'm doing alright so far, though. I may need to amend or add to posts as we go along here, but I'll try to pass along any tidbits I get. This is the first instance of the additions.

To add to the "Saturday Fun" post, my mom would like to add (and I quote), "It is necessary to mow leaves to keep them from becoming slimmy matted mess. It helps them break down better, too. Some people shred them and put them in black plastic bags or compost bins to let them break down. The leaf mold is really good to put in the soil where you plant carrots or cabbage family plants."
My Mom (Patty) with her grandkids Lucy (left) and Helen

So there you have it. I am honored and blessed to have my mom, and will share her with you as much as I can.

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  1. What a great photos! How lucky you are to have the benefit of your Mum's experience and advice. Over here we don't have to worry about leaves becoming a slimy matted mass ... not enough rain for that!