Friday, October 28, 2011

Indoor Plants

My oldest daughter Lucy.
Gardening is in the blood!

With winter coming on and quite a rainfall outside, I have been looking into a thinking about indoor plants. I have not experimented much with them and killed about half of the ones I've tried. I'm finding out that mostly it was due to the wrong lighting and overwatering. (One more reason to read the directions)

So, after a week of online research, I chose about 7 different plants that were supposed to be easy to take care of and pleasant to look at. Over the next week or so, I will be making posts on the plants and the way to properly care for them. Then I'll keep you updated on how they are doing.

One of the easiest ways to fail at any type of gardening is not doing the proper research. Over the last few years, I've learned a lot, but mostly the hard way - By buying a plant that catches my fancy, and putting it into a bed or spot in the house where I think it will look best and then it slowly looks worse and dies. Some did well though, and I couldn't figure out the difference until I started asking the experts at nurseries and greenhouses around here what I was doing wrong. It is really amazing how much they will tell you if you just ask. Lighting, recommended temperatures, watering, and fertilizing can be the difference between a long vibrant bloom and a plant that struggles along and never reaches the beauty you know if can. For an ignorant gardener like myself, I am beginning to get all the help I can before my purchases. It is becoming much more rewarding. 

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