Sunday, December 18, 2011

More weekend fun...

I know that this post title sounds familiar. I just get into a rut of it is fun and its a weekend, what could be a better name? I'll consult Roget and his wild, wordy thesaurus next week for a more capturing title.

Enough rambling...It was a quite enjoyable weekend. It started with a holiday party on Friday night with some friends, lobster bisque (made with fresh lobster), a light mango salad, butternut squash pasta, beef wellington, flour-less chocolate cake, '05 Domaine Serene Jerusalem Hill, and a small glass of 40 year port. Delicious would far short. Superb might get the faintest idea of these culinary delights. However, it would only make my mouth water in remembrance of what fun the taste buds had, so we'll move on to Saturday.

It was cold and pleasant out, so I checked our winter garden and everything is growing slowly. I didn't take pictures as you might call me an optimist claiming that they are growing. However, in my defense, a 1/4 in a week is still a 1/4 inch of growth a week. The dogs keep stepping on one side of the cold frame, so I made a make shift fence to keep them out. If this works, I'll make a nicer one next week. Then I sat with Lucy and dreamed of warmer spring days. Lady (our yellow lab) seemed to be doing the same.


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