Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Morning Jubilee...

What would you do if you woke up early, emptied the rat traps (#4), cleaned out the area where corn is going to be planted this evening, cleaned out the old radishes in preparation to plant more, opened the cold frame and saw that there is a lot of delicious lettuce, pac choi, and spinach that might bolt if not eaten? Why, make a spinach omelet of course!
Well, that's what Lucy and I did. We chopped up some spinach, ham from the pig out in the sty, mushrooms from the mushroom block in the root cellar, and some tomatoes from our hot house - well almost. We don't have any pigs in the back, or a root cellar full of mushroom blocks, or even a hot house (yet) so I settled for stealing from the refrigerator instead (until we get all of those, Safeway and Walmart keep a good supply for us). We all have our dreams though, and I imagined that was where we got all of the ingredients. It makes you feel like ma kettle or maybe Laura Ingles Wilder's pa. 
Then we sat down at the dining room table (possibly hewn from a large tree during the winter snows) and watched the birds eat their breakfast in the front yard. 
Lucy thought it was delicious, but contented herself with "Hot." Which of course means, "Gosh, dad, that was smokin' hot delicious!"

Tootaloo for now and I hope your breakfast was as entertaining and fun as mine! and for the PacNorWesterners in my area, Enjoy the sunshine!

I chopped up Spinach, Ham, Mushrooms, and Maters. The cheese we melted on the top.

Omelet w/ parsley and chocolate mint to garnish (fresh from the herb garden of course) 

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  1. Lovely breakfast and lovely grand daughter.