Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hard labor; 50% off; and a glimpse, as it were, of heaven...

This weekend started off a little cool, overcast and a memory of rain hung in the air. We've had some downpours accompanied by thunder and lightning over the last week or so. Although the weather people assured us of a balmy, breezy day, I wasn't sure if I'd believe them. They were proved right, though, and we were glad of it.
To start off, I had the long task of cleaning up the wildflower bed out front. It definitely embodied "wild" but was short on flowers. Mostly the grass grew really tall and them some sticky weed climbed the grass and created a dense mass stifling most everything else. I had been putting the clean up off as it looked to be a hard job, but this weekend was the time. Mary helped, but our little girls didn't as it is next to the road. It took a while and the corpses of grande grass were piled high. One problem with getting into the swing of pulling things out is that you err here and there and pull up a bachelor button or wall flower inadvertently. The dead flowers gaze up at you with great sadness, almost as if to say, "We don't blame you, we're just disappointed."Well you can't make eggs without breaking omelets every now and then so...
I did take a before/after picture, but after looking at it I decided not to post it. It looks a lot better, but after you've said that, you've said all you can. I guess there is always next year.

On to happier things! A lot of roses are on sale now. Most people are trying to get rid of them as they are getting pot bound or other problems so we scooped in a few at 50% off. I planted one in the back and two in the kitchen garden. I wanted to get more, but I need to prepare the areas before I get them. It is so hard at sales not to buy too much, but I'm getting better - a little better anyway.

Saturday proved an ideal day for a picnic...a day of breeze and blue, warm, sunny, with a little rollicking wind blowing across meadow and orchard. Over every sunlit upland and field was a delicate, flower-starred green. Since roses were in the blood so to speak, our whole family went to the Point Defiance Rose Garden. I have only been once before, but most roses weren't in bloom at the time. I've posted a few pictures of my favorites. I think it is well worth the time to visit if you are ever in the area. I also posted a short... well, a not so short video of more pictures. I didn't include all of the pictures and I'm sure you will all be very happy at that. A rose enthusiast like myself could get lost in a place like the rose garden. There are so many to see, smell and enjoy. I'm not sure if there are going to be roses in heaven, but I sure hope there are (imagine no black spot or mildew ever!).


  1. Did Tacoma have a lot of moisture this year?

  2. Very pretty! I don't grow a lot of roses between the thorns and fighting off bugs and diseases, but the blooms are so beautiful (not to mention the fragrances)!