Sunday, August 12, 2012

Camping and more...

As it is plenty warm around here, it was time for our annual camping trip. We like to go up into the wilds of Mt. Rainier National Forest and pretend like we are roughing it for a day. Then we realize we aren't mountain men or settlers of the old days and come home to our comforts. It is very beautiful and green right now. We also some ROUSs there (rodents of usual size). I only captured a couple on camera, but we saw more and heard even more. 
Back at the old homestead, I am planning our fall/winter gardens. I planted for the fall garden this weekend. I know it is a little late, but with being busy I didn't get to it two weeks ago. Maybe we'll have an indian summer and it won't matter. I also ordered all of my winter garden seeds from Johnny's Seeds, so that will be the end of Aug/beginning of September project. 
Things have really warmed up here and I am having to water to stay on top of things. I know this is nothing to most people, but I don't always have to water as we get so much rain around these parts. The corn is almost ready and the peppers are close. Lots of good stuff!

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