Monday, May 6, 2013

Now speaks the skeptic...

Every once in a while, though not too often, I read a book or hear of someone reading a book which states in one way or another an absolute fact that is not absolute except in the mind of the author. I'm not saying that there are not lots of other good parts in the book, but this one part is putrid.  
"I believe if everyone had a compost pile and recycled kitchen scraps... State taxes would be lowered, oil prices would come down, and the balance of nature would be restored." I'm not sure that it wouldn't create world peace as well, but he didn't feel like adding that part for some reason or another. 
Gardening is great fun, but I seek to create a better place where I am, not to change the world. My advice to all book readers (and people who read this blog) read with an open mind, but to be human is be fallable. All things we write may change just like the weather seems to be doing. Just because one states that the only way to water is by hand and with container not made of plastic doesn't mean to throw away allow the plastic watering cans. Most things have a grain or two of truth, but like bob Dylan sings, the times they are a changin'. He would of course have said the ways of gardening they are a changin' almost every day, but since that didn't really fit the music....

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  1. So true! The way I garden has changed through the years, and I'm still changing. So nice to see you passing on the love of gardening to your children. Unlike so many others I've read, I'm not at all entirely sure that the world is going to end (or that we are going to cause its demise), and we need gardeners for the future! ;)