Saturday, November 5, 2011

Justifiable indignation turned to good ends...

            With the technological age we live in, (and I do love my iPad 2, iPhone, the Internet, etc) I am becoming more wary of “educational games.” This is not going to be a slanderous attack on people who like these things. I will probably let my girls play some of them when they get older. This is only the side I am on right now.
I was at the in-laws a bit ago and one of the younger girls was playing some garden simulation game. Click – the garden in planted. Click – it’s watered and fertilized. Click – its harvested and sold. Click – you get the idea. If that is my idea of gardening, I would think that going outside planting a flower and waiting a month before there is any progress disheartening also! Laura Ingles’ father never had to compete with that. Little Britches never drove a simulated tractor.
All of this is going somewhere. I am going to attempt, (and it better succeed, or else) to have an approximately 12 month garden. My favorites like squash and tomatoes will only be in the spring and summer, but there are quite a few hardy winter vegetables that should grow here in our temperate western Washington climate. I have been reading up on winter gardening through books and the Internet (what I call "proper" use of technology) and will be following in some auspicious and successful people. We will eat organic vegetables we have grown or starve (or go to safeway if we have too).
So here is today’s forecast. Home depot for lumber, hinges, oil stain, plastic, PVC pipes, heater coils, screws, and what all good gardeners need – a Porter-Cable 3-1/2 inch Clipped-Head Framing Nailer. This is to create 2 cold frames, 2 cool frames (I’ll explain later) and one hoop house. I will then get some dirt, mushroom mulch, and steer manure; mix assiduously and install. The seeds and greenhouse glass is on order from and respectively. (Farmtek is currently in the middle of an 8 day and counting power outage, so it may take longer than usual to get the greenhouse material)
With a little luck, the dogs won’t decide to investigate by digging up the entire project, and we will have carrots, beets, lettuce, pok choi, potatoes, and radishes before too long! And after that, as I have earned it, we'll all sit on the back porch, open a bottle of 2006 Domaine Serene Jerusalem Hill Pinot Nior, and discuss the good old days.

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  1. I'm trying the 12 month garden too. This is my first attempt and I have no clue if its going to work. Good luck with yours!