Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mostly about new tools and boots...

On cold wintry days, shopping for next years tools is always fun. One problem I have in my garden is clay. It is everywhere and it is deep. It's under our house, so that standing water is hard to prevent, and it's in all of our flower beds. I have a pick ax, but it isn't the best tool if you have other plants to work around. So, this year I am going to try the CobraHead weeder/cultivator. Here is the sales pitch...

(The CobraHead weeder is such a good all-around garden tool that you’ll want in with you every time you walk into the yard or garden. The CobraHead's steel fingernail tip weeds, digs, edges, plants, furrows, de-thatches, transplants and harvests – all without changing tools. The CobraHead features an eco-friendly wood fiber reinforced plastic handle that is comfortable right or left handed. Made in Wisconsin, USA.)

Being as I have bought the "do-it-all" tool many times before and found that it didn't do it all, I am a bit skeptical. However, for $20 it isn't much of a splurge and maybe it really will be the wonder tool it's said to be.

cobrahead weeder/cultivator

Also, I got some Muck boots. I do some work for a sewer company and most of them had these boots. I didn't get the exact kind they did, but these are the "chore mid-cut" boots. They are padded or insulated, therefore comfortable and waterproof. We get a lot of rain around here, so waterproof is a must. I will be trying these out quite a bit and let you know if they are worth the extra money (appx. $90). It is a lot more than I would usually spend, but they came highly recommended and hopefully will last 5-10 years (unless the dogs find them)

watch out mud and rain, here I come!

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