Sunday, December 11, 2011

Reindeer, plants, and cold weather...

It was another cold dry weekend, so I checked up on our winter garden. Not much had changed, but the slow motion growing is happening. Still no sign of life from the carrots, but I believe. Someday, someday soon, there will be a leafy surprise breaching the surface of the dirt.

On to more exciting news, Donder and Blitzen have taken a week off (or are on strike for higher wages) and happened to be at the local Watsons Greenhouse. We heard the news, so we trotted along there as well. Lucy didn't know what to think, but after getting a candy cane was happy to be there. Blitzen came over to say hello, hoping we had some raisins, and after ascertaining there were no raisins to be had and formalities concluded, went to the back of the stall to think things over. Donder was having a long discussion with a soccer ball and wasn't to be disturbed. All in all it was lots of fun. Then, as we were already there, we bought a few more houseplants.

Helen (7 months) in front and Lucy (20 months) behind her. Lots of fun!



Lucy is picking out which poinsettia we should get

Another Calathea

The variegated tops of the leaves contrast well with the dark purple undersides

Just one more of Lucy

"never forget to look under the leaves for signs of plant disease"


  1. Hi Fellow PNW blogger I am so excited to have just stumbled across your blog! I see you are in Tacoma, I'm just up the freeway in Renton. Looking forward to following your blog with all its wonderful local info!! Cheers Julia

  2. Your little girls are just dolls! We went to see the reindeer at Swanson's nursery in Ballard this weekend. I think it was Dancer and Prancer we saw. They also had a camel and a mini donkey. You chose some really colorful houseplants! I'm not too good with houseplants, although I did manage to get my Christmas cactus to bloom again this year.