Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tacoma Home and Garden Show!

Today was quite  an eventful day. We started by trying to clean up some of the large branches broken by the recent storm. I say try because we failed in some of the instances. It seems that we may need an expert after all. This may not be a "do it yourself" type of clean up.

After that, we went to the Tacoma Home and Garden Show. As usual the land scape companies create a beautiful display and you think, "Why can't my yard look like that?" I'm sure for the right price it could. However, until then I'll muddle along. They also had some nice waterfall/pond ideas. Someday I will do this, but it will be in the post dog era of our lives. Right now, our labs would love it if we had a pond for them to jump in... but they'll have to keep on wishing.
I think that I did well, I set a budget and only spent 19 cents more. I saw the springs promise hellebore that I've been eyeing and kept walking. There were other nice ones too, but instead we came away withA Tree Peony (Mo Guan Yu Chi). I've never heard of them, but they sound simple to care for (partial to full sun and don't overwater) and I like peonies. The tree idea should help because our other peonies always flop after a bit. If I'm proactive I do the staking, but usually I find their fallen remains laying this way and that.
We also got some Miss Lucy Oriental Lilies and a couple of reblooming day lilies for the garden border. The people at the stands actually worked for the companies and with the flowers, so they were a wealth of info about the hows and watch out for's.
Last of all, Cisco from Gardening with Cisco, master gardener extraordinair, and self promoter of brussel sprouts was on hand doing his Saturday radio show. We listened in a bit and then got a picture, posted below. Lucy wasn't quite sure what to think, but someday she'll start being nice to people we don't know, saying hi and what not, and we'll have to teach her that you don't just say hi to everyone you meet. (The troubles of parenting!)
So, lots of fun and now I get to do more planting! The ground has been intermittently freezing, but we'll get them into their new homes soon.

Spoils of War

Mini Blogger learning how.

Who could pass up that name?

Cisco, Lucy, and I

Lucy and Helen enjoying the home and garden show.

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  1. How much fun to go to a home and garden show! And return with loot!

    Your mini blogger is very cute with her little computer! My husband is pretty determined to make our girls into little computer engineers. When touring schools for kindergartens for next year (you get several choices of public schools here), the only thing he wanted to know was what kind of computers were in the school computer labs..