Monday, January 7, 2013


Our hummingbird came and landed on the rose bush right outside our kitchen window today. Usually this means that he'll sit there for just long enough for us to run and get the camera and run back, then he'll wink and fly away. However, he must have felt lonely or wanted some pictures to get spread around because he stuck around long enough for us to take some pictures. The last picture is a woodpecker that came by. We haven't seen him before, but hopefully he'll make us a regular stop. (for all the people who are now about to correct me on the gender of the birds, I am sure that the hummingbird is a male [he said his name is Robert and no self respecting girl would call herself Bob] and haven't a clue what the gender of the woodpecker is [we haven't been introduced]. I am guessing he's a male, but if time reveals he is a female i'll update you. I only used "he" instead of "it" so that this isn't one of those crude, churlish, impersonal blogs where each specimen is spoken of in the third person and Latin phrases are as common as ants. Here we are into warm, cozy surrounding and on a first name basis with all of our regular visitors.)

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  1. These are great photo's. Your woodpecker looks like it may be on the shy side. It is looking at you like it wasn't sure about getting it's picture taken.