Sunday, January 20, 2013

weathering winter weather...

In order to make up for the mild winter we've been having, the new year has come in with a cold start. I don't think that our yard has thawed out for at least a week. It is jumping between a freezing 25 at night to a cold 35 in the day. We've had a few 40 degree days, but for the most part an ugly, clammy depressing fog has pervaded our life and camped around our little hovel. (this is another reason - if you are looking for one - not to read too much steven king or other horror novels/movies. The fog slowly rolls in, then you get a little bit of a break and sun, then the fog comes back denser than ever and you half expect some creature of the mist to reach our and grab you from behind - well I do anyway. Its rather creepy.) I'm ready for sunshine, daisies, and blood spinach! However, if life gives your frost, well, I always say, "take frosty pictures!" So, here are my frosty pictures. 
On a more common sensical vein, if you plan on putting gravel around your new raised beds and if you are going to use 5/8" minus (meaning it has grit unlike the 5/8" clean which has no grit) then don't get it the night before you plan on moving it out of the truck bed in into the garden bed. If you do, it will freeze and then when you go to shovel it, you will need a pick ax. Just a small tip there. I did end up getting the gravel moved, but it was a long process as I had to wait until 3-4 after the top inch or so melted and then rake it into a pile a move it. I think someone should write a book about all of the common sensical things that every idiot misses. I know I'd buy it. 
Well, enough complaining, its time to go get some dirt for the garden. If the garden doesn't find you handsome, it should at least find you handy!


  1. Ha ha ha! Gravel Spreading for Dummies is the book for you. Love your frosty pictures. What is the plant with the red berries?

  2. We had the same thing happen with gravel when we got a load 2 years ago in February. My husband had the pickax out and it took at least 4 times longer than if we had done it in warmer weather.
    I'm tired of the cold and fog too, but the frost really does make things look pretty. But, now let's see some sun!

  3. Love the frost pics! I can't make myself get out in the early morning cold to take them here.
    Ha, good luck with all your graveling. Live and learn!

  4. Love the frosty photos, I take wayyyyyyy too many of them and then what?! They sit in my pc never to be seen again!