Wednesday, April 24, 2013

a little fun in the sun...

The weatherman predicted a nice week here in our part of the world and for once, he wasn't wrong!  It has been nicer and nicer each day, but it is expected to go down hill fast and end up raining on the weekend. I think it is probably part of our penance for having a few nice days. We could all lash ourselves or pour lemon juice on our paper cuts, but as everyone would not do it the same we must suffer another way. Rain. 
Well, we aren't the kind who let future rain spoil our sunny parade. Every night we've sat in our fragrance garden and ate dinner. Then we, depending on the age of each member, did what was fun. I weeded, pruned, planted, watered, etc. Lucy and Helen swung? swang? swingded? on the swings and went down the slide. Helen had a bad landing on the slide, so now she just waits at the top until my wife or I are ready to catch her at the bottom. Lucy doesn't like this arrangement as it gets in the way of her sliding. We've yet to come to a solution happy for everyone. Lucy thinks a gentle, or not so gentle push solves the problem. Somehow Helen doesn't agree....
The birds have been enjoying our feeders as well. Last evening I went to refill this sunflower seed feeder and the young gold finch (as you can tell I didn't take the picture. my wife, well, anyway) didn't want to leave. It seemed to know that I wouldn't eat it for dinner and stuck around quite a bit. At last it was reconciled to the fact it had to leave for us to fill the feeder, but it came back right after we were done. I think I could have touched it, but the next human it meets may not be so kind, debonair, honest, and good lookin' to boot as me (if I do say so myself) so I thought better of all that. Read Bambi if you want to know how evil we humans can be! I think it scarred me for life. 
Well, hope you Pac NorWesterners have enjoyed the sunshine as well and the rest of the nation gets back to "normal" weather without all of these blizzards, floods, and the like. 

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  1. That bird knows who's feeding him! Nice of you to think of his future, and possibly not always coming into contact with someone nice. I hope your weekend has some moments of sunshine - and I hope it rains here! :)