Tuesday, April 16, 2013


And when the sun brings forth it's light
and dashes the cold starry night
The morning robin chirps in its cheer
Telling one and all "spring is here!"

There's nothing like a little sunshine to brighten the day. We have had almost two whole days of it and the garden is enjoying it - along with the gardeners. Our yard hasn't changed much since sunday, but when it is basking in the warm golden glow, it sure look a heap better. I didn't want to spoil the evening  by weeding or planting or pruning, so instead I took lots of pictures. My wife mowed the back yard, so with that peaceful hum and the birds a-chirpin' Lucy, Helen, Paul and I sat in the sunny front yard and just enjoyed.

wall flowers


violas from last year and some asiatic lilies starting to come up

one of the hanging planters


Apple blossoms

We also received the Cedar furniture we ordered at the Northwest Flower and Garden show. There are two small chairs for Lucy and Helen and two more large ones for friends to sit in. They don't all match, but it doesn't look too bad. Once the rest of the fragrance garden gets into the sweet smelling swing of things and the temperatures are a little warmer, we'll be able to light a small fire and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sun go down. good times!


  1. All such beautiful blooms! Love the bleeding heart! And your tulips are so pretty! I'm impressed that you have a peony bloom already! I like your cedar furniture. Love the wooden fence and gate, too. Ties it all together. Very inviting.