Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another pleasant weekend...and garden bloggers bloom day

It's always pleasant when there is nice weather, nice company and nice money to spend. We had all three! The window boxes of dead violas had leered out us long enough. It's silent censure tugged at our heart strings so we put them to rest in another spot and went look for some replacement recruits. After much interviewing, research, and social behavioral study; Lucy chose some diathus and lobelia. Our hopes, and the plants signed a binding agreement, is that the diathus will get a little taller and the lobelia will spread over the sides and be one big happy... flower box.

Now, this idea I stole, well not exactly stole, but definitely borrowed. There is a show called garden to table or victory garden or something which aires on saturday morning and the host showed a picture of his potting shed where it had a shelf with a few misc clay pots. I also had watched a show called crafty or something or other where the host (this time a lady) painted clay pots with chalkboard paint and labeled the plants. These two ideas with a splash of my own I put together and ended up with this! 
Below are the herbs we use most and one we don't use (rosemary) but love the smell of. I also added some violas (these were self seeded ones from last year that have been popping up here and there) and some lobelia to drape, add color and spice things up... get it? spice things up. because we are talking about herbs which are bff's with spices. 

Out in our garden, the lettuce and spinach has been bolting really fast due to high heat. This is abnormal for us, but I was looking for a solution, so this is it. I got concrete wire (the stuff that you lay in concrete to make it stronger and not crack) and wired two lengths together then made a hoop. I planted peas to climb this and spinach and lettuce under it. the goal is they all grow and provide a little shade house for the lettuce and spinach. Will it work? only time will tell. Keep watch and I'll let you know the final outcome. 

The rest of the photos are just lilies and dahlias that we planted and instead of their usual shrinking violet behavior, they are growing vigorously and blooming their pretty little heads off. The lilies are exceptionally fragrant and the dahlias make nice cut bouquets. What's not to like?

I call this "dahlia behind foliage". you might be able to guess why.

And here are a bunch of flowers that couldn't be left out. 

not exactly flowers, I know, but they are growing and have a distinct aroma at times!

Well, that is all for now, but I hope this day finds all things fragrant, blooming, growing, and beautiful. Enjoy your day; happy garden bloggers bloom day!

Check back to and you'll find lots of other blooms from around the world!


  1. So many pretty flowers! Happy Bloom Day!

  2. Your garden is full of lovely blooms. I bet it is quite lively especially with those two sweet sometimes smelly darlings romping around.

  3. I love your herb pots, and your dahlias are beautiful!! Happy Belated Bloom Day!

  4. What a lovely collection of blooms you have! I love the Dahlias and your roses!