Saturday, July 27, 2013

Not wondering what to do...

Do you ever get those weekends where you aren't wondering what to do? The list is piled so high that the only question is how much will be left, not will I get done early? Well, I always have an ongoing list of what I'd like to do, but this weekend there was a bit more than usual. Part of this is self imposed as the year seems to be flying by and I haven't planted my winter crops yet and haven't painted the house yet and the ivy still needs a trim and on and on. The other part is that these things actually need to happen. 
On top of all of this, I finally decided to put beauty bark on the front planters. I have been staying on top of the weeds and watching to see what else I should add. However, this time weeding could be spent elsewhere and I don't think I want add much. I do want to add more heather next spring, but that won't be for a while. I figured I would need about 7 yards but when I called the delivery fee made up for a little over two yards and at 10 yards the delivery was free so I decided to get ten. There are always more places for this if I get extra right? Well, imagining 10 yards and seeing it steadily and seeing it whole are two different things. It is a growing heaving miasma. It looked more like the blob than a pile of bark. Well we started early spreading the love to avoid the heat and got a good bit done. I think I may be able to finish by mid winter, but I'll keep chipping away at it. Overall I am pleased with the look. I know that it will fade, but hopefully it will deter some of the weeds. Weeds are like painters. They see a blank canvas or dirt and decide they want to stop there and mess about. 

I just put this picture in for fun. The dahlias are doing their thing and the sweet peas are doing well also. The corn on the right is a month ahead of the middle row and should be ready soon. The ears are forming and I'm just trying to be patient!

As usual when I do a biggish project I forget to take the before picture. This is only an after, but there was a hoophouse overgrown with morning glories. Then they spread out like a carpet and covered everything else. I pulled some, mowed some and took the hoop house apart. I am planning on reusing the pieces and retrofit one of the raised beds up front for winter veggies. The cold frame was also overgrown, but I am going to have that ready to plant for next weekend (hopefully... I'll keep my fingers crossed) It looks much better than it did. A bit more on the manageable side of life. Sometimes that seems like all you can do, try and keep things manageable. 

A friend of ours is borrowing our nice lens to take vacation pictures, so these are iPhone pics. Not as nice, but better than nothing. I watered all of our roses and seeing all of the water droplets I just had to take pictures. Maybe it was the 29 days of no rain around here that is addling my brain, but I haven't seen roses with fresh rain or dew on them in a while. Well, this is simulated rain to keep them all healthy and blooming and looks every bit as nice!

Here is the bark pile now. It doesn't seem like I did much, but like the sower, I have put some on all types of soil so I will just try not to look at the pile and will look at the front bed all brown and chippy and will be content... tired and content. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love the pale pink rose, the last photo. Do you know the name? Thanks!

    1. I keep terrible records and my brain is worse, but I think it's a pink promise. All of the pictures I can find though don't have as many petals, so this may be another one. I know not much help. If I do remember, though I'll drop you a line.

  2. Keep up the good work...your yard is being transformed into a beautiful place.

    1. Thanks! We'll keep it making it nice so you and your "dad" want to stop by!