Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mostly about the weekend extravaganza...

You may ask "Why is this an extravaganza instead of just weekend fun?" to which I will reply, "Just wait and see."

It started with a long shopping trip, where we purchased primroses. Some yellow, some red and some red and yellow mixed. They are for the window boxes now, but there are never too many primroses in the garden, so when the annuals are ready we'll transplant them somewhere else. It's time for color, the dull grey is on its way out!

Sunday was another beautiful sunrise. The dogs and I took a walk in the morning. Then in the afternoon all the birds, mostly robins and chickadees, were out whistling their little hearts out. We planted the window boxes and moved the winter sown annual starts to a less conspicuous place as my wife didn't like seeing them out the kitchen window.

The last project isn't finished yet, but lots of times was spent in the preparation. We are getting the ultimate vegatble garden prepared for spring. Due to the dogs digging up every darn thing I plant in the back, we are moving to the front yard. It may be a latent communist strain, or just the urge to save money, but we re-used a rock wall that was over grown with weeds and falling down, borrowed a rototiller, re-purposed wood from a broken down split rail fence, and some left over weed block to create this delightful delicacy growing area (or potential disaster, it depends on who you ask). I will do a nice long post with videos, pictures, and lots of "this is what I learned" stuff. Until then, here are a few pictures to whet the appetite.

Primroses ready for planting

Window planter on the kitchen window. The climbing rose hasn't made it over quite yet.

Such nice dogs (lady on the left and cocoa on the right)

Caught in flight
Lots of robins were around looking for worms in the fresh dirt

All the tools necessary (and some unnecessary) to build raised beds
The rock wall that was redistributed


After, but not done yet.
Lucy Patricia


  1. Ooh, love the sunlight coming through the trees in the last photos! And good job on a big project, building those raised beds. How fun that you can set out primroses - over here in Spokane we're still likely to get some extremely cold temps in the next few months, and probably more snow, so I'm holding off on pansies and primroses for now.

  2. Great post. Your pictures do tempt me to get out in my yard. And what a patient and kind husband you are to move your starts so your wife can enjoy her view. A pleasant view makes doing housework more enjoyable! I'm sure she appreciates you for that. (Even though, I'm sure to you the starts are a great view!)

  3. Thanks for the comment VW. I hope I'm not too early in my planting, but the window boxes are right next to our house so as long as it is only a mild frost I think it will be alright. It's just that on a warm weekend the gardening blood gets up and sometimes the need for color is too great. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

  4. Oh the weather is fickle. Your primroses should be fine. They are perennials in your part of the US. If you plant them in the ground when they are done, they will give you years of blooms. Their latin name is Primula X Polyantha. Primula means "first". They love the shade and moisture, which you have plenty of there.

    LOVE the raised beds. What a great idea to use materials at hand. It is going to look so awesome with the plants in there too.

  5. Sounds like such a great weekend! I love the look of the beds so far with the rock around them. And the picture of the little toddler is adorable!