Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snowy Walk...

Here are some of the best pictures from a walk I took during the snow fall. The humming bird is the same bird, but as it moved its head, the colors changed. I thought this was amazing, so I put a couple in a row. Not much to do with gardening, but just enjoying creation while we wait for spring.



  1. Very nicely done, love to see the birds - they seemed to have fun that first bit of snow. Speaking of snow, it's quite pretty and a hummingbird year round? Very nice.

  2. It sure is nice having a birds, especially hummingbirds year around. They provide hours of enjoyment!

  3. Beautiful music and video. I was expecting a pic of a little girl's face at the window. Maybe next time ... Loved how you showed all the different shots of the hummingbird.