Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day #2

Upon waking up this morning, the realization that there was no chance of working or much else, we decided to play in the snow instead. We started by following Catherine's (a gardener in progress) example and make our snow gardeners, except I need to finish our raised beds and trellises so I gave ours a nail gun. 
Since all of the flowers were under 6" of snow, a little imagination, food coloring and water in a spray bottle made a snow flower. It was supposed to be a primrose, but then it may have gotten mixed up with the pansies - so don't hold me to which kind it is now.  
Lastly, in spite of the snow, there were lots of song birds out frolicking. They are fun to watch and listen to as they go about foraging for seeds. All in all it was a non productive fun day! 

Snow gardeners complete with nail gun and rakes. 

Lucy is helping with the Eyes an Noses

It's a new kind of snow flower

Not much water to drink or bathe in!


  1. Looks like a perfect snow day and I love the snow gardeners! Also, that is such a great idea to make flowers in the snow. Now I'm dreaming of snow.. so please send some to SC ;)

  2. Looks very fun. I see a snow person for each of you. I never saw a flower like that.

  3. Very cute snow family and snow flower! I'm sure the kids had fun! We rarely get enough snow to do much snowman making here in NC. I love watching the birds at the feeders, though!

  4. Love the snow flower! We are getting snow from that storm right now here in Spokane. But we have more snowplows and stuff so it isn't as much of a disaster for us. I hope you don't lose any plants because of the snow! My kids are happy to finally be using their snowpants and my husband is hoping to build another igloo in our backyard. I think they're all crazy and am staying warm inside!