Friday, May 11, 2012

Mostly about Caterpillers and chrysalis'...

 Last week, about Saturday, my mom (Lucy's Grandma) sent Lucy a jar of caterpillars. They were about 1/2" long and the instructions said leave them alone and they'll do the rest. Well, we did our part, and they did theirs. Every day, they grew and grew, and we did nothing. Today the excitement reached a crescendo. The first one crawled to the top and made its temporary home. The rest saw its wonderful example and followed suit. 

So, thanks grandma! Now, we will move them into the netted basket provided tomorrow. (you are supposed to pin them to the top. I think i'll add a branch or two and some pretty flowers to make it seem more like home) So far we haven't done much and we'll go on doing that, and nature will do the rest!

More good news from the home front. 
Salads are coming along fine. 

First carrot of the season. 

gardeners in the making! Dirt is good stuff!

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