Wednesday, May 2, 2012

wine, corks, plants, and pumpkins...

Welcome to Wednesday!

 Among other things, we have been doing some creative gardening lately. My mom (yes, that master gardener marvel in Minnesota) sent me a picture of this, so I am only a copier and thief. I still liked the idea though, so I did it here. Lucy helped, but I need to teach her to read better or to know what each plant is, because she wasn't very good at putting the right marker with the proper plant. We are working on that though.

Someone else's photo. If I knew who I'd give credit.

Its pretty easy, just skewer and sign.

now the plants know what they are!

Also, the mongo pumpkin seeds sprouted! We planted them in their 4" soil blocks, so now we'll wait until the weather is fine (or until they are too large to be indoor plants) and move them to their new homes!


  1. I do like your wine cork stakes! That's a neat idea :) I'm so antzy to put out my seed starts but I know I need to wait a few more weeks. It's tough to wait.

  2. I love those cork seed markers

  3. Love it! Perfect timing on the sprout to planting. It is tricky sometimes. I would do a pumpkin contest too, but I get more sun than the Northwest! That would be fun idea for your blog. Everyone should pick their biggest pumpkin and send in the size. We could all compare notes. ;-)