Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mostly about a super moon/weekend post...

Usually I try to keep my posts short and sweet. There was once a wise, old person, (though he may have heard it from someone else) who said, "Be brief and amazing, that way if you can't be amazing, at least you'll be brief."I have found that works well for me because amazing doesn't happen much at all. When I started getting ready to post this weekend's fun, I was a little perplexed at what I was to post, yet before long I realized that it was going to be much too much for one post. Then I thought, well if there is only one super moon a year, then there might as well be one super post a year too! Also, this is a special post because it also happens to be post #100! Yes 100 posts ago, this blog didn't exist! Hard to believe, but time sure flies when you are having rum - or fun. So, in honor of Saturday's super moon & sweet #100, I am going to burden you all with lots of loquacity and (hopefully) some laughs.

The garden by moonlight

The Super Moon in all its glory

To start out, I have a short video of a rat that decided to grace us with a guest appearance under the kitchen sink. Instead of getting the shotgun, (the elephant gun is a bit heavy) she got the video camera to capture the fine specimen. However, due to overwhelming disgust at the hairy horror, I will only show a picture of it in the trap the next day. This guy was the largest so far. We've caught 11 so far, but I think we are almost done. I've only said this after the last 6 rats, so...

#9 largest of the herd or flock or whatever a covey of rats is called

#10 & #11 They'd be cute if they weren't so ugly!

Also, for our two little girls birthdays, grandma (my mom) sent us a little box with painted lady caterpillars that will turn in to butterflies then fly away. We will keep you all posted on their progress. The instructions state that we don't need to feed them (like the sparrows and lilies [matthew 6:28], all has been provided). The little spider webs on the bottom is also supposed to be a good sign. I asked Lucy if she wanted to name them and she did. I couldn't spell out most of their names, and most of the pronunciations changed each time, but I think the caterpillars were pleased.

During our weekend shopping, we noticed that Fred Meyers is getting ready for their founders day sale (8-14) so their usual flats of flowers for $10 are ready for the picking. It is an inexpensive way to brighten up a corner of your yard. We tried all marigolds last year, but I think we'll branch out a little more this year. (the flats come in handy as well!) Then driving past McLendon's we saw that we had missed the annual Pancake Breakfast! I thought it was next weekend, but that just goes to show how the old memory is working. We were still in time for some great buys though, so I came out with some Tomatoes (early girl and roma) and a few marigolds and Nasturtiums. These I potted up to put in that garden to spread their sweetness and light. According to companion planting experts they are supposed to either attract or repel insects. I can't remember exactly, but good stuff all around! I also bought a few more pepper plants.

No, the fun is not over yet!

A long time ago and a year far away, last december, I started some winter sowing sunflowers. They were the perfect size to transplant into the wildflower bed, so Lucy and I moved them out. We also found a sunflower that must have been planted by the birds in our window box, but as it was doing so well, I transplanted it out there as well.

Free plants!

Winter sown sunflowers.

There is a little nursery down in Puyallup (it calls itself Puyallup's best kept secret) called Vassey Nursery. I hadn't been able to find it, but after many fruitless expeditions and times where I thought it must be just a legend (like the holy grail) we finally discovered it off of Tacoma Road. We walked around and got lots of ideas. I did well, all things considered, and only got cherry tomato plants, a honeysuckle and a jasmine. I saw a quaint little corner trellis I am going to recreate (for far less that the $70 the internet wanted) and plant these next to the garden. Hopefully their beauty will inspire the plants to better, brighter things in the future.
Wild flowers starting to bloom

rhododendrons are all starting to bloom as well

Lilac in the back yard.

Last, but not least, is the birds. The sun came out a bit, so that may have inspired them. They ate most of the birdseed that is their weekly ration, but they came out in droves. The gold finches abounded, the evening grosbeaks showed up, the flicker and pheasant came out to play. There were common house sparrows, cow birds, and even a thrush. Nuthatches and robins were more than a must. All in all they were a real pleasure to watch and listen to!

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  1. So that's why lately our backyard has been lit up all night? Beautifully eclectic post.