Sunday, July 29, 2012

All quiet on the gardening front...

I stole this title from Bernie H at My Dry Tropics Garden. It seemed so apt to this weekend though. You can totter over there and see much better pictures, prettier birds, and nicer flowers...or if you want to stick around I'll tell you a bit more about my weekend.
After much deliberation, reading, and emails to that wonderful mastergardener mother of mine; I have finally decided what is going to be in my winter garden. I will post the order next week after payday. I was looking for cold hardy veggies that I feel comfortable eating. There are lots that look fun and might be nice, but I've never heard of. It isn't always bad to branch out. I now have many uses for green onions, beets, spinach, and sugar snap peas that the over abundance of harvest made necessary. Just the joys of gardening!
Back to the winter garden, I and going to get Endives, a baby leaf lettuce mix (baby leaf is supposed to hold up to winter freezes better), radishes, scallions, spinach, swiss chard, carrots, and Mache. We don't have the extreme weather here in either winter or summer, (knock on wood) so I don't foresee any problems, but only time will tell. Depending on the maturity dates, I will plant these late August onward in my hoophouse and cold frames. The front garden should be able to carry us into the fall harvest easily.
There is the type of young man, whom, or it may be who, if you handed him beauty on a skewer, he wouldn't know what to do with it. I am not that type of deplorable miscreant. The flowers are in bloom, the weeds are at bay, and the smells devine. Besides the arduous task of thinking, I didn't have much to do but enjoy the weekend.(my wife wants me to edge the drive ways and walk ways, but that almost sounded like work) I did clean our a few overgrown lettuce plants and broccoli plants, but I'll reseed them today. Mostly though, there was a lot of rambling, a little watering, and much enjoyment.
The hummingbirds are loving the butterfly bushes in bloom and the bees cause a veritable hum around the area. All in all it was one of those relaxing and enjoyable weekends.

Do you think the red leaf lettuce bolted?

Some summer squash is ready! the kind on the right is called starship summer squash.


  1. Don't you just love those weekends when all you get to do is just enjoy what's around you. It seems that we're having the same sort of laid-back time in the garden right now. The edging will get done ... eventually I'm sure!

    Loved that gorgeous shot of those blue-eyes peeking! The photo of little ones on the swings is just so precious too. I think your photos are just great. The hummingbird sipping on the bloom is a terrific capture.

  2. I love those kinds of garden days. And I see your nasturtiums blooming in front of that bolting-est-ever red lettuce! Yay for nasturtiums! And hummingbirds! And happy children! And wives that want things done! Oops--maybe I've gone too far.

  3. kids are so happy in your garden as your plants.