Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The beginning of summer...

There is a saying for our area, well maybe for washington in general, "Summer begins on the 5th of July." Implying of course, that it doesn't usually show up on the 4th. We have some radicals around here forecasting nice weather for tomorrow, but most everyone is staying safe with a cloudy and chance of showers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of sunshine.

This past weekend, our family went out to ocean shores for a nice relaxing weekend. There isn't much in the line of gardening. Most people choose things that do well by them selves, then leave them that way for a long time. We enjoyed the beach though. There was also some wood carvers carving out their fortunes at the town square. They make it look easy, but that is what professionals are supposed to do. It was nice and relaxing with plenty of rain to keep us from wandering around the beaches too much!

Thanks for coming auntie Sue!

There a bunch of small fish jumping which soon attracted the birds. They (the bird, not the fish) would circle and dive-bomb right into the school. Below are some pictures.

Last night we harvested quite a bit more of our 2nd plantings. Mostly carrots, radishes and beets. (Beets are becoming quite a favorite around here. I am also starting to commence to begin to plan my fall plantings for winter eating. A lot of our lettuce and spinach has been bolting with regularity. I need to find a warmer weather lettuce/spinach or else construct some shade. It will work for the rest of this year. I keep up with two different areas of planting. I now need to shift to some colder weather crops. Ol' mr. coleman has some suggestions and I also like Johnny's seed catalog. They have a lot of info for temps, zones, and the like.

Well, that's all for now, but I hope you all have a pleasant, safe, and sunny 4th of July. I plan to celebrate with golf, gardening, Cabernet Sauvignon, and sparklers! 

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