Friday, June 29, 2012

Water fountains and more...

Every year I make this promise to myself - "Myself," I say, "if you keep that water fountain clean and clear all year, I'll build you a nice water fall and fountain next spring." Well, as you may have guessed we are still without the beautiful, cascading trickle of water with a clear pool of rippling waves at the bottom. No lily pads. Cute little toads still await, eager adventurers, looking for a cool place to meditate on the happiness of life. It is but a desert oasis with the exception of the cooling water - more like a mirage in fact.
This year was going to be different. I was going to stay the course and, like the boy amid the burning wreck, never leave my post come Helen, Lucy or high water. Alas, I have failed again. With a couple of full weeks; (a friend's wedding, our harvest, and struggling with hordes of weeds) the green algae and limpid strands of grossness still abound. Due to mass protest against showing improper content, I will not show pictures that would most certainly give nightmares to the young and blot the happiness of the old.
Instead I will show the cleaned out, sparkling fresh fountain. Yes, I have done my penance and brought it back to its former glory. Try not to notice the mounds of weeds or the unkempt border; just bask in the clean, cool, refreshing splash and hear the bubbling and gurgling trickle of water. (also look for that brash young hummingbird that came in for a photo op and tried to steal the show)

And so now I tell myself, "Myself, there is always next year. If you keep the fountain clean..."


  1. Well, the end result looks great and the hummingbird is enjoying himself. LOL... Thanks for sharing.

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