Friday, June 15, 2012

Lots of blooms and a new arrival...

We had a nice day today, so I took the camera around the old homestead and put some pictures together. It helps me think that all this hard work ain't been in vain for nothin'!

We also had a new visitor. He may look like zorro with the black mask, but he is really a Cedar Waxwing. The best part (as the person who buys all of the birdseed 'round these parts) is that he actually was eating berries from some bushes that most of the birds were avoiding. They were planted for that very reason, so maybe the rest will get the idea as well
(Yes that is our kiddy pool and those are toys in the background)


  1. Those Roses are simply magnificent! There are so many beautiful blooms around your 'old homestead'. I love the huge pot of Violas and those hanging baskets filled with Petunias. Is that a Chocolate Cosmos in the second collage? The Cedar Waxwing is a lovely little thing.

    1. The hanging baskets are doing much better this year... I got a few tips from the expert. Last year they kinda grew a bit then looked sad and depressed. That is a chocolate cosmos. I love it! What is better than the scent of chocolate and flowers!

  2. Lots of great blooms! I love those hanging baskets hanging under the scalloped trim! Hanging baskets are so pretty. I wish hanging baskets would grow well for me, but I think they just require more watering than I am willing to spend time on here in the NC heat. Maybe I should come up with some hanging baskets of dessert plants..

  3. Well, I see you don't need to keep waiting for your roses to start blooming--all your pictures are gorgeous. I hope lots of birds find those berries. I never even noticed that scalloped trim before; it sure is pretty with those baskets.