Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mostly about nothing in particular...

This is a post about the circle of life... Death and new life. Joy and sorrow. Scarcity and Abundance. 

Into our little circle has come much good, but as old Pelham Grenville Wodehouse used to say, well as my faulty memory remembers it anyway, "Can this be a perfectly happy world? When, say, a crumpet gets a bit of goose, what of a bean who's just gotten biffed with a sock full of sand. Or when Moab is one mans wash pot and after he has cast his shoe over Edom, what's to say of the man who lives in Moab or Edom?" 
This may all seem confusing to the non-wodehouse enthusiast, but to simplify it, when things are going good for the gardener who has just gotten rid of the pesky mole, that pesky mole's family has just had a loss that time itself cannot erase. So it is at our humble abode. No sooner had the fragrance garden been finished, furnished, and ready for blooms, scents, and moonlit nights; but a mole came to disturb the soft turf. 8 mounds later, he met his demise.

The late frank G. mole esq.

Also, following the advice of fellow blogger, Noelle at RAMBLINGS FROM A DESERT GARDEN, I checked under the leaves in my garden and found a few young summer squash and a bucketful of peas! 
Young Joseph, Jordan, and Jemima

Ripe for the pickin'!

Broccolli - a bit more than we will eat!

And, if that wasn't enough sweetness and light to spread around, we a few new blooms on the premises as well.

Flowering Elderberry (he forgot to flower last year) The dark foliage looks gorgeous all year (until the leaves fall off)

From the back rose garden, Dick Clark. The edges are "frilly" (as my wife calls it) 

Another rose from the back rose garden, but I forgot to mark it. I call it pretty, but my wife wants to call it nice.

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