Saturday, June 9, 2012

Finishing up the fragrance garden...

This is one of those "aren't I amazing" posts. If you are like me, you probably don't find these quite as enthralling as the person who posted it apparently did, but because you've followed their garden you read through and have a pleasant comment like, "interesting" or "wow".  However, if you are the kind of person who does like to see things go from nothing to everything in two weekends or someone who does really nice garden projects and enjoys laughing (not to their face, of course) at the follies of people who try and fail to meet your pursuit of perfection, then you'll love this post.   

before the fun began...
a bit of rototilling.
little ones learning to love dirt!
The pathway is done, now where do these plants go?

At the end of last weekend...
Learning to build a paver patio! (the frame work)
Put the chairs over the flaws and no one will ever notice.

All finished! the view from our front door.

The view from the lawn.

From sitting down.

At night... notice the glas of wine about to be enjoyed on the chair! (i think i earned it)

We also had a few carrots and radishes growing to gargantuan size, so we picked them along with some lettuce and spinach that had begun to bolt. Our in-laws were blessed (or couldn't think of a polite excuse) with the extras. As long as everything keeps growing the way it is, we'll have a bit extra now to give to the neighbors.


  1. Well I am truly impressed. What a brilliant job you've all done. That little patio spot looks fabulous at nightime with the lanterns a-glow. Great harvest too!

  2. Lovely. Good job, Ben. I love the stones you chose for the patio. May you enjoy it with the wife of your youth for many happy years to come.

  3. I love gardening and I love that you started a project much less finished it. I think of projects but I must laugh because we only finish very few of the. Such a lovely area you have created.
    My carrots are not quite that big and my radishes were not that big and they were also HOT but they were supposed to be sweet. I am apparently not a radish grower!!!

  4. That is awesome! Great job. How long did it take you to finish it? That looks like a big project.

  5. How fabulous! I love seeing befores and afters - it gives me inspiration for what might eventually get done in my garden, slowly but surely! I especially love the path. What a great spot to sit and watch the kids play from!