Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's a boy...or maybe a girl...

Not being familier with the feminine or masculine characteristics of the Praying Mantis, I had a hard time telling which ones were boys and which were girls. They all had the same cry, but that is no way to tell for sure. We did the Marlin theory, the top half is Henry and the bottom is Henrietta. They were cute, but as is the bugs life, no sooner had they hatched but they were packing their bags and heading out into the great wide world for life, liberty, and the pursuit of juicy bugs. 

Also, taking a walk down in Olympia, I came across this garden. It is the community/school garden at John Rogers High School. Now here is class, style, and order. They didn't think about square foot gardening, they did square foot gardening. Drip irrigation is not something they are saving up for, but something they have! (Not that it will be much help with all the rain we get) 
It was almost the pinnacle of orderly perfection I've tried to attain (with the exception of too few tomato plants) so I took pictures and will save them for when I'm planning out more gardens around here.

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