Wednesday, July 11, 2012

AM PM and Gardening...

You may ask, what could AM PM and gardening have in common? We'll, I'll tell you. Too much good stuff! It is July and almost everything is hitting full stride. Day lilies are looking dapper, Roses looking radiant, Corn looking chipper and Butterfly Bushes blooming bountifully. (yes I did have to consult my thesaurus for those adjectives). I know (and feel it terribly) about the draughts and 100+ temps around the eastern United States, so this is not to gloat or tell you how you ought to do better. It seems that mother nature loves throwing curve balls and there is hardly a time of universal perfection. 
Here, however she is smiling on us with kindness (for now...). It has warmed up and now all of the flowers, and most of the gardeners, are rollicking in it. There is a time in the affairs of men, when taken at the flood, lead on to fortune; and that time happens to be now. 
Below are a lot of "aren't they nice" pictures. To be honest I had about 74 and 1/2 more, but my wife, who has taken many correspondence courses on what the well informed individual likes to read, tells me that 8 pictures is not too many and not too few - just, in fact, the right amount. So I posted 9. 

Happy Gardening!

Chocolate cosmos

Star Jasmine


Daylily (part of an orange collection)

Weeds can look picturesque too!

Petunias Galore

Butterfly bushes are just about to bloom

More Daylilies


  1. It's great to hear you're having such lovely weather at the moment. Your garden certainly looks quite lovely. Those Daylilies are beautiful and I adore that Chocolate Cosmos.

  2. It's the crazy busy season in the yard! I also love the chocolate cosmos! Cheers, Jenni