Sunday, October 28, 2012

a wet weekend

It seems like we've missed fall around here. It was a nice summer, then suddenly now it's winter. Some of the trees are still green leaved, some are changing and others have lost all of their leaves. It seems nature is a bit confused as well. 
Saturday was pretty wet, but it was a good test of the gutters and the sump pump under our house. One gutter was draining over the edge instead of the downspout, so I had to correct this idea. As one thing leads to another, this is how it went....
I went to the shed to get the ladder. While in the shed, I noticed that the bikes and mower were just thrown in there, not in order (now who did that?). So I organized the shed. Then I got the ladder out and cleaned the gutter. In order to do that, though I had to move the dogs pool. So I put both our dogs pool and our kids pool in the shed. On the way I noticed mole traps and summer lawn chairs that needed put away. So all of that got done and the gutter cleaned. While putting the ladder back, I noticed that the tomato plants were done and some were rotting, so I pulled them out and put them in the compost bin. This reminded me that some of the summer squash plants still needed harvested and pulled out. So while doing that, I noticed more bell peppers that were ready and some hot peppers were probably going to rot if I left them. After all of these were harvested, I remembered...... So, from sitting inside not getting wet, I ended up very wet, but with lots of projects done. Good times ;)


  1. It seems like I operate like that a lot. Your orangey Japanese Maple is beautiful

  2. I am in the same boat as you haha I run outside to harvest a bit of this or that and then realize this or that needs to be done. UGH the rotting tomatoes, they weren't hit by a frost just soaking rains, gross.

    The rains are ruining what fall colors we get and I don't see it letting up anytime soon, makes me sad.
    At least the maple is beautiful no matter the weather.