Tuesday, October 23, 2012

wine country

This last weekend Mary, Paul, and I went to Oregon. We went to visit some of the vineyards around McMinneville. I made a list of the ones I wanted to visit. This came mostly from the Pinot Nior that I have tried (Shea, St. Innocent, Domaine Serene, and Eyrie). However, as you get there, there are many  many more just around the corner. We passed far more than we went to, but ended up adding stoller and Witness Tree. 
If you ever happen to get the chance to visit, I think it is well worth the time. Not just for the tasting, but also you may be fortunate enough to talk to some of the owners and wine makers. We were able to talk to Steve, the wine maker for Witness Tree and see him crushing the white grapes for Chardonnay. He also showed us the storage bins where the red wine grapes are fermenting. I'll post the pics later, but this will be all for now. Like most things, the process of wine making gets very interesting the more you get into it. Weather, soil, care, birds, and disease all play a huge factor in how each vintage or year tastes. Some years are far more acidic while others are very mild. I don't know very much, but its enough to make you want to learn more...well maybe next year anyway.

St. Innocent

White Wine Grapes

Witness Tree

Domaine Serene


  1. Oh my what a beautiful time you picked for a visit, absolutely beautiful.