Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1st harvest ... except for the other harvests...

While away, our garden went into overdrive on growing. This meant that it was time to start the pickin'. There wasn't a large variety, but there was quantity to make up for that. Almost all of our radishes were ready. We divvied them up between relatives, friends, and our own little stash. More are ready now, but  someone almost said, "a radish a day keeps something away" and since that is true, I'm eating them. They are also nice on the salads.
Since you brought up salads, that reminds me. Our lettuce is in the baby leaf form and the spinach is going bonkers, so we have that covered as well. It is a nice change as most of the overwintered lettuce was pretty bitter. The peas, beans, corn, beets, broccoli, and head lettuce are all up and growing. I think the fluctuations of weather have kept them puzzled of late, but they'll soon realize that they are in Washington and that's pretty much the norm.
I also picked up my tomato plants. It was later than usual, but I still was able to get the sweet 100s. I didn't get a sungold as they were sold out, so I am trying the yellow pear. It will at least add some color. I also got the usual beefsteak and roma. To avoid blossom end rot and other diseases caused by the lack of calcium, I added bone meal and we've been putting egg shells from breakfast out. As they break down, they'll add calcium, and while in their unbrokendown state, they are a deterrent for the slugs.
A few more roses have started blooming, but the majority are waiting for memorial day or perhaps a personal invitation. I'll start giving them out on saturday if we are still waiting ;)

Enjoy your week!

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