Wednesday, May 29, 2013

maintaining the home front...

It has been a hectic couple of weeks since we got back from vacation and I am almost back to the way things were when we left. Due to a wedding, lots of work and lots of rain; I have not been able to spend quality time with my plants. Instead I have been spending time with the garden to keep it going good. It was a nice evening though, so we all went out and worked on weeding the front flower beds. I got a lot done last saturday, but this part is still lacking that "no weeds" feel. I also have discovered some kind of really evil weed. I didn't take any pictures, but will later as this guy won't die. No, no, and he doesn't even try. Instead he grows and grows and how to stop him, no body knows. 
This time around, I am trying to dig the weed out as it just breaks off at the roots if you are not careful. This may help for the future, but if not, I'll have to resort to a harsher method for dealing with this curmudgeon's nefarious schemes. (i'd like to see someone else incorporate future, nefarious, curmudgeon, and resort into the same sentence!) 
On to happier things, we harvested our first carrot. They are the Napoli Carrots and seem to do well here. None have done poorly, but these seem to be the most "normal" looking of what I've grown.

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